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We are what we eat Vanya Gant, Consultant in Microbiology, University College Hospital. CPD View
Faecal transplantation in gastrointestinal diseases (IBD): myth or reality Ailsa Hart, Consultant Gastroenterologist, St Mark's Hospital, Harrow. CPD View
Who put the ‘T’ in LGBT? Michelle Bridgman, Psychotherapist and Gender Identity Consultant. CPD View
Virtual nasendoscopy for the difficult airway Imran Ahmad, Consultant Anaesthetist and Airway Lead, Guy's and St Thomas', London. CPD View
Hair cell protection and repair during treatment with ototoxic drugs Corne Kros, Professor of Neuroscience, University of Sussex.  View
Vestibular neuroepithelium: Regenerative biology and theraputics Andrew Forge, Professor of Auditory Cell Biology, University College London.  CPD View
Ebola: an overview of epidemics David Heymann CBE, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  CPD View
Ebola: challenges, coordination and future Brian McCloskey CBE, Director of Global Health, Public Health England.  CPD View
Role of intestinal permeability in the progression of chronic liver disease Massimo Pinzani. Sheila Sherlock Chair of Hepatology, Univeristy College London.  CPD View
What makes a good psychiatrist? Mark Salter, Consultant Adult Psychiatrist, East London NHS Trust.  View
Outpatient induction of labour Tony Kelly, Consultant Gynaecologist, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.  View
Neuropsychiatric aspects of childhood brain injury Ajnum Bashir, Consultant Child Neuropsychiatrist, Colchester.  CPD View
Future directions for acute oncology: Perspective from Macmillan Philippa Jones, Macmillan Network Lead, The Greater Midlands Cancer Network. CPD View
Veterans’ mental health: the US experience Harold Kudler, Chief Consultant for Mental Health, US Department of Veterans Affairs, USA.  CPD View
Acute oncology: future direction? Ernie Marshall, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Trust.  CPD View
A creative role for the law in improving maternity care Elizabeth Prochaska, Founder Member, Birthrights Charity.  CPD View