How to claim CPD credits

The RSM is pleased to be able to include a CPD credits option as an added benefit to some of our video content for both RSM members and non-members.

Earning a CPD credit involves viewing at least 20 minutes of a video (occasionally there is a lower time limit for shorter videos), then completing a Reflective Notes section and an Evaluation Form.

The resulting CPD credit certificate can be printed off or downloaded, and a record of CPD activity is stored in a confidential My CPD area.

To start, go to the homepage of the RSM Videos section of the RSM website.

To claim a CPD credit, you need to carry out the following 5 simple steps:

  1. Login or register
  2. Select a CPD lecture to view – through the directory or via Specialties
  3. Pay the fee (unless you have an annual subscription)
  4. Complete Reflective Notes and an Evaluation Form
  5. Check your notes and certificate in your My CPD area

For help registering or logging into the website, see ‘Logging on to the RSM website’.

Once you have completed the process, you can download or print a CPD credit certificate, and you can access your CPD records at any time via the My CPD section.

RSM CPD accreditation is suitable for all doctors so long as it relates to their individual learning needs.

However, please note that the UK GP CPD accreditation system does not require GPs to gain CPD credits so long as the learning activity is suitably logged, together with appropriate personal notes, and approved at an annual appraisal. RSM Videos can be used by GPs for this purpose without going through the RSM accreditation procedure.