Resource: 37th Primary care update

Covering a wide range of topics, this resource is the outcome from the RSM’S 37th Primary care update - previously known as GP Forum. The purpose of the resource page is to provide a collection of relevant material addressing a breadth of conditions commonly encountered in general practice.

Here you will find lectures and key references on the following areas:

  • Heart failure
  • Management of syncope
  • Progress in cardiac rehabilitation
  • Quality standards in the primary care of atrial fibrillation

Also available are key references for further reading and CPD accreditation

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Professor Julian Teare, Professor of Gastroenterology, Imperial College London.

Date: 14th September 2017
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Mr Jeff Fernandez, Nurse consultant, Whittington Health NHS Trust.

Date: 13th September 2017
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Dr Adam Fox, Consultant Paediatric Allergist, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Date: 14th September 2017
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Dr Charles Murray, Clinical Director, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Date: 14th September 2017
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Dr Melanie Davies, Consultant Gynaecologist, University College London Hospitals.

Date: 13th September 2017
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Ms Ellie Stewart, CNS Urogynaecology, Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust.

Date: 24th October 2017
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Dr Raj Thakkar, GP, Pound House Surgery.

Date: 12th September 2017
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Dr John Nichols, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Surrey.

Date: 14th September 2017
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Dr James Gray, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

Date: 13th September 2017
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Key references

All the references listed below are available in the RSM Library collection and can be accessed via the RSM’s e-resources area.

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External references

The following references are not available in the RSM Library; however, they can be accessed online via external websites.

Madmani, M.E., Yusuf Solaiman, A., Tamr Agha, K., Madmani, Y., Shahrour, Y., Essali, A. and Kadro, W. (2014) Coenzyme Q10 for heart failure. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (6) pp. CD008684. Online at:

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