Resource: A focus on metastatic breast cancer, screening, survivorship

The purpose of this resource page is to provide a collection of relevant material that forms part of the Pink Ribbon/RSM breast cancer forum.

This material will help identify the best strategies for breast cancer prevention and cure, allowing practitioners from all parts of the breast cancer prevention and patient management cycle to identify major themes in the key issues of:

  • Metastatic breast cancer –looking at oncological and radiotherapy treatments, including CDK 4/6 inhibitors and cyber knife; specialist nurse provision; models for drugs production and access.
  • Screening – the current screening programme, duty of candour, imaging and ultrasound.
  • “Living with and beyond” – key discussions based on complementary diet and exercise, progression free survival with psycho-oncology, and additional nascent psychological strategies.
  • Additional presentations covering the political, personal and spiritual backgrounds to current initiatives to overcome breast cancer from Siobhan McDonagh MP, the breast cancer all-party parliamentary group (APPG) and US patient representative, Rev. Linda Loving.

Also available are key references for further reading and CPD accreditation.

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Dr Rosalind Given-Wilson, Consultant Radiologist, St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View
Free View

Dr Bhawna Sirohi, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Barts Cancer Institute

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View

Reverend Linda Loving, Author.

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View

Dr John Conibear, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, St Bartholomews’ Hospital.

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View

Dr Susannah Stanway, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Ms Vanda Ribeiro, Specialist Breast Cancer Nurse

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View

Professor Robert Thomas, Consultant Oncologist, Bedford and Addenbrooke’s Cambridge university hospitals NHS Trust

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View

Dr Joel Vos, Clinical and Health Psychologist and Philosopher (NL); Associate Professor in Counselling Psychology, University of Roehampton

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View

Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield, DBE, Professor of Psycho-oncology, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex

Date: 15th September 2017
Free View

Dr Elena Pizzo, University College London

Date: 15th September 2017
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interviews and other videos


Various speakers from the Breast Cancer Forum.

Date: 14th November 2017
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The following references are not available in the RSM Library; however they can be accessed online via external websites.

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